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8 September 08:00 - 09:00Nobelberget - "Lagret"

Equality Pep-talk Breakfast

The future is equal – and we are all creating it. Every person - women, non-binary and men - plays an important role in working towards a more equal world, that benefits all of us. At Netlight we initiated our equality initiative Vostok to rapidly improve gender equality not only at Netlight but in the whole IT industry. 

Come and enjoy pep-talk discussions around important equality questions. During this workshop you will be able to share your own experiences and get input from other participants regarding real life equality challenges. We will be hands on and solution oriented, aiming at broadening your perspectives and expanding your network around equality.

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Hosted by Netlighters - Andreas, Sabina, Niklas and Julia.

All you need to know

Start your second day of NordicJS in the best way possible by participating in the Equality Pep-talk Breakfast

The workshop will take place in the venue "Lagret" at Nobelberget 8.00 in the morning the last day of NordicJS, Friday September 8. The workshop will be approximately one hour long and you do not need to bring anything except yourself. 

Seats are limited and we will inform you as soon as possible if you have got a spot or not. 

The breakfast will be vegan & ecological, served by awesome! Breakfast is on us so just tell us your food preferences by completing the form. 

Help us to order the right amount of food and reduce waste by signing up on the waitlist behind the"I'm interested"-button, only if you are sure that you can participate. Thank you!

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Organized by

Andreas Persson

Talent Manager

Sabina Sonning

Consultant/Creative Director

Niklas Skaar


Julia Dalbard

Engagement Management